MiniStar 1200 Electric

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The MiniStar 1200 Electric is powered by two electric motors - one powers the auger, and shredder system; the other powers the blower. Electric motors give you all the torque, all the time - keeping your machine running smoothly all day, every day. They also have very few moving parts, and therefore are very reliable and low-maintenance. This machine has two 220V plugs, one for each motor.

With the MiniStar 1200 Electric, we took our most compact insulation blower and made it electric. With two electric motors delivering maximum torque at all times, this machine can really shred and blow insulation. 

With it's small footprint you can easily mount this machine in a truck or trailer and work multiple smaller retrofit jobs per day or focus on a new build installation with a manageable machine.

The MiniStar 1200 Electric has a dropping gate built into the hopper to allow for easier loading and safe viewing into the hopper to check your insulation levels.