The SuperStar 1620 Insulation Machine is suited for larger truck boxes or trailers for blown cellulose or fiberglass in attic and cavity applications.

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The SuperStar 1620 has the same Genuine 20 HP Honda® Engine as the FiberStar 1620, but the SuperStar 1620 offers a larger hopper with a volume of 53 cubic feet.


This insulation blower will fit in most trucks and trailers, and provides all the production you need for any residential or small commercial job with any insulation material from cellulose, to fiberglass, and even Rockwool.


With a hopper size that is over 20% larger than that of the FiberStar 1620 you can keep your focus on the job at hand – getting the job done efficiently with less time spent loading the hopper with more insulation material.


The 20 HP Genuine Honda® Engine that we use in the SuperStar 1620 has an electric start, easy change oil plug, and a flexible 10” diameter air intake hose that enables you to bring in fresh air to cool the engine.


A favoured upgrade for this particular machine is the four-finger shredder system. With this upgrade, contractors have seen increases in their yield of insulation materials reaching 10%. The reason being with this upgrade, you have twice as many shredders that are separating the material, which gives you a better spread during an open blow attic situation.

Suggested Upgrades

Four-Finger Shredder System

The Four-Finger Shredder System is the ideal upgrade for fiberglass or rockwool insulation blowing applications. The extra row of shredders help to better aerate the material and maximize the yield from each bag of insulation used saving you up to 10% every time!

Wireless Remote Upgrade

Control your Star Machine Insulation Blower from up to 500' away with the Wireless Remote Control Upgrade.

*Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices do not include crating, freight, accessories or applicable taxes.