The SuperStar Supreme 2024 Insulation Machine is ideal for high production jobs where the largest part of the operation is blowing cellulose, fiberglass, or rockwool into attics.

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The SuperStar Supreme 2024 is our most powerful and largest insulation blower, with the largest air lock of any of our machines, and the largest engine. This machine uses a 24 HP Genuine Honda® Engine, a Sutorbilt 4L Positive Displacement Blower Rotary Lobe Style Blower, and a 20” long airlock with a standard 12” diameter.


This machine has the same footprint and hopper of the less powerful SuperStar 1620, but with the larger engine, blower, and airlock the output of the machine increases by nearly 20% over the SuperStar 1620. These upgrades make this machine the true workhorse of the Star Machine Insulation Blower line-up.


Ideal for any large scale residential or commercial job where maximizing your job efficiency, many of our customers chose to upgrade both the remote and the shredder systems on these machines. With a wireless range of up to 500’ and a material yield increase of up to 10%, you can save yourself a lot of time and a lot of material by operating the blower from the space you are working in anywhere on the site, and by using your insulation material as efficiently as possible by shredding it more effectively with the optional four-finger shredder system.

Suggested Upgrades

Four-Finger Shredder System

The Four-Finger Shredder System is the ideal upgrade for fiberglass or rockwool insulation blowing applications. The extra row of shredders help to better aerate the material and maximize the yield from each bag of insulation used saving you up to 10% every time!

Wireless Remote Upgrade

Control your Star Machine Insulation Blower from up to 500' away with the Wireless Remote Control Upgrade.