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Star Machine has been designing high quality Insulation Blowers and Insulation Vacuums for nearly 40 years! Check out our range of machines from small mobile insulation vacuums to large truck or trailer mounted insulation blowers!

ministar 1213 logo copyOur smallest insulation machine is the perfect choice for residential retrofit jobs, where topping up insulation, or blowing insulation into wall cavities is the main purpose of the machine.

fiberstar 1620 logoThe Fiberstar 1620 insulation machine is perfect for smaller truck boxes or trailers, attic and cavity insulation blowing applications.

superstar logo

The Superstar 1620 insulation machine is great for larger truck boxes or trailers for blown cellulose or fiberglass in attic and cavity applications.

superstar 2024 logoThe Superstar Supreme 2024 is ideal for high production where the largest part of the operation is blowing cellulose insulation or fiberglass insulation into attics.

 $Call For Updated Pricing!

 $Call For Updated Pricing!

 $Call For Updated Pricing!

 $Call For Updated Pricing!

*Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices do not include crating, freight, accessories or applicable taxes. 

Premium Custom Features Available

The following are premium upgrades that are available to all of our Insulation Blowers:

Four Shredder System

This custom option will increase the efficiency of your Star Machine, more effectively breaking up the insulation material getting you the maximum coverage with each bag! *The MiniStar 1213 requires an engine upgrade to a MiniStar 1220 for this upgrade.

Wireless Remote
Make your life easier with a wireless remote with a range of up to 500'. Activate your Star Machine Insulation Blower wherever you are on the site.

Standard Features

The following are features of all of our Insulation Blowers:


Every standard Star Machine Insulation Blower we build is powered by a Genuine Honda® Engine. These 4-stroke, air-cooled v-twin engines gets the job done fast, everyday. With electric start, and Honda’s world renowned reliability you can always trust our machines to start when you need them to. We have installed a removable 6.5 U.S. gallon gasoline tank to keep you going through each job, and replaced the factory oil plug with an easy drain valve for easy oil changes. Each Honda® Engine that we use in our machines also has a digital tachometer and hour-meter.

We offer a number of machines with varying outputs starting at 1200 lbs/hour and up to 4725 lbs/hour depending on the material being blown and the size of the machine. This is measured in our shop by an open-blow test with the three most popular types of blown insulation: cellulose, fiberglass, and rockwool.
Our Insulation Blower Machines have hopper sizes of 34 cu. ft., 44 cu. ft., and 53 cu. ft. - all made with heavy gauge metal. Inside the hopper you will find our carefully designed heavy-duty feeder paddles that break up your insulation material and feed it toward the shredder, and on to the Air Lock.
All Star Machine Insulation Machines have double finger shredders installed as standard. These shredders work together to separate the insulation material to get you the most coverage. Housed behind hinged doors at the front of the airlock for easy access while cleaning or during maintenance.
Material Control
To give you complete control over the amount of insulation material being fed from the hopper into the Air Lock, we have designed a slide gate that can be pinned at the best setting for the job at hand, giving you maximum control over your output.
Air Lock
Star Machine Insulation Blowing Machines come with three sizes of air locks: 12", 16", and 20" as indicated by the first two numbers of any model number. The five-vein plate steel rotary design is incredibly durable, as are the custom made rubber seals that we make as thick as possible to last as long as possible. All Star Machines have quick change seals and are easily changed anywhere.
Air Control
Bleed off valve can be operated independently. Every unit has a one way air valve to prevent insulation from backing up into the blower.
Each Star Machine uses a heavy-duty reinforced cast iron Sutorbilt 3M, 3L, or 4L Positive Displacement Rotary Lobe Style Blower, powered by the same Honda® Engine that powers the feeder and the shredders these blowers are built to last!
Remote Control
Every Insulation Blowing Machine we make comes with a 150’ wired remote control, box mounted on the front of the machine, totally separate from the ignition system. This remote paired with our Double Clutch System allows you to operate the material feed and air from the blower, or just air from the blower.
Double Clutch
All gas units have electro-magnetic double clutches. Allow air and material flow to be controlled individually by wired or wireless remote control.
All models come complete with flexible ducting and flange for engine air intake and engine exhaust. Also with extension and screening for blower air intake. When installed correctly, only outside air is used for cooling of gas engine and blower intake.

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Every Star Machine is hand built in our shop here in Oxford, Nova Scotia. From here they are shipped to successful businesses all over the world.

If you would like to learn more, or if you have any questions please call us toll free at 1-877-782-7883 or email us by clicking the link above. 

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