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The FiberStar 1620 is the perfect combination of power and compact size. We wanted to make an insulation blower that could handle any job, and take to any job. That meant redesigning one of our larger more powerful models and making the footprint over 14% smaller to accommodate it’s use in smaller trailers and trucks that can get to any job.


This machine turned out to be better than we ever imagined, with it’s compact design it will fit in almost any trailer or truck with ample room to store your insulation material, tools, and everything else you might need on the job. The hopper is large, at 44 cubic feet enough to keep you working steadily throughout the day.


The powerful 20 HP Honda® engine powers both the two-finger shredding system (upgradable to the four-finger shredding system) and the Sutorbilt 3L Positive Displacement Blower to support both functions with enough power all day long from that reliable Honda® Engine.


Another suggested upgrade for the FiberStar 1620 is the custom wireless remote that replaces the 150’ wired remote system. The wireless remote can operate the machine from up to 500’ away so you know wherever you are on the site you will run out of hose before you are out of range.

Suggested Upgrades

Four-Finger Shredder System

The Four-Finger Shredder System is the ideal upgrade for fiberglass or rockwool insulation blowing applications. The extra row of shredders help to better aerate the material and maximize the yield from each bag of insulation used saving you up to 10% every time!

Wireless Remote Upgrade

Control your Star Machine Insulation Blower from up to 500' away with the Wireless Remote Control Upgrade.

*Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices do not include crating, freight, accessories or applicable taxes.